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Tips for Designing a G-shaped Kitchen

If you are familiar with a U-shaped kitchen layout, simply envision another leg or partial wall added on for a G-shaped kitchen layout. This layout has four sides and resembles the capital letter “G” in its cabinet and countertop configuration. It’s also called a peninsula kitchen since the jut is typically built without a wall or upper cabinetry to avoid closing off the kitchen from the rest of the space. The peninsula acts much like a kitchen island, but remains attached.

If you love to cook and invite others to join you in the kitchen, a G-shaped kitchen offers the functionality and space to do so. Since the countertop wraps around the center of the kitchen, the continuous flow of countertop space allows for greater efficiency when cooking. The extra space is great for entertaining, as a breakfast bar, or added kitchen cabinet storage space. For more info, visit our glossary page definition on G-shaped kitchens.

G-Shaped Kitchen Layouts

If you’re considering a G-shaped kitchen remodel, you will need at least 10 feet by 10 feet of space to start. It’s helpful to plan for a functional work triangle with your refrigerator, stove, and sink located on opposite sides and reasonably close together.

The G-shaped kitchen works best in medium to large spaces with an open layout so you can easily expand into the adjacent living or dining room. Keep in mind that the extra leg or peninsula should be around 4 feet wide and not too long that it makes entering the kitchen difficult.

Below are our tips for how to design a G-shaped kitchen layout with various kitchen sizes and configuration ideas to keep in mind.

Small G-Shaped Kitchen

small g-shaped kitchen
small g-shaped kitchen animation

Layout Tips

A G-shaped kitchen layout depends largely on if you want a diagonal or straight entry into your kitchen. The entry width can be as narrow as 36 inches depending on if you have cabinetry on one side. The width of a small kitchen work aisle measures around 42 to 48 inches. Place your tall cabinet units on the sides that don’t contain the peninsula. The peninsula works well as an eating area, particularly if you don’t have space for a regular kitchen table.

Medium G-Shaped Kitchen

medium g-shaped kitchen
medium g-shaped kitchen animation

Layout Tips

For a medium-sized space, consider lining the longest side of the “G” along the wall and have the rest of the kitchen extend out. Maintain a functional work triangle with the refrigerator, stove, and sink opposite from one another. If you place your refrigerator near the walkway entrance, ideally the door should open towards the work area. The peninsula is left open for extra lower cabinet storage and counter space to serve or entertain.

Large G-Shaped Kitchen

large g-shaped kitchen
large g-shaped kitchen animation

Layout Tips

With a large and open layout, utilize a 45-degree angle for a more comfortable workflow by placing your refrigerator in the corner. You’ll have ample counter space on the opposite side of the kitchen along the walls to fit multiple cooks. Keep in mind this angle will only cramp a smaller space, so it works best if you have an open room to extend into.

G-Shaped Kitchen with Island

g-shaped kitchen layout with island
g-shaped kitchen layout with island animation

Layout Tips

In order to fit an island in the center of a G-shaped kitchen, you will need at least 8 feet between the far countertops. The kitchen island should have 3 or 4 feet of an aisle on each side for traffic flow. You have the option to add an appliance to the island or use it as a seating area to give you even more counter space. The island will break up the large area and comfortably fit two or more cooks in the kitchen.

The most important factor to a kitchen remodel is the functionality of your space. A G-shaped kitchen layout gives you continuous counter space and cabinet storage, more so than any other layout. You have ample options to configure your work triangle and potentially add extra appliances so multiple cooks can fit comfortably. Keep in mind that this layout can cause constraints or make your space feel cramped due to the jut if it’s not planned well. Use our guide to inspire your planning and create an inviting and functional G-shaped kitchen.

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