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Birch Wood Kitchen Cabinets

Birch kitchen cabinets are versatile and in-demand. Many of the cabinet doors at Kitchen Cabinet Kings are made of birch wood, and most of our door styles and many of our drawers use birch. Birch has a variety of characteristics that make it ideal for use in fine furniture such as quality kitchen cabinets.

Characteristics of Birch Cabinets

Birch is a light-colored hardwood. The trees are plentiful over all of North America, with nine primary species. Around the world, there are 50 species of birch. Most members of the birch family have a thin, white bark that is full of resin. Birch bark is characterized by it peeling or rolling around the tree. Some birch species have bark that rolls "up" rather than "around" the tree. Older birch trees get thicker, deeply ridged bark.

Birch wood ranges from almost white to a slightly red color, with a golden brown being the most consistent hue. Birch has a fine grain, is closed pored, and doesn't have a distinctive odor. It is the most reasonably priced of the high-quality hardwoods. Birch is easy to stain because of its closed pore structure. It sands easily to a smooth finish, cuts and planes well, and glues easily. Nails and screws stay put in birch, although it is important to drill guide holes.

Red birch is not an actual birch variety, but is the heartwood of the yellow birch tree. As the name implies, this heartwood often has a red tint. Red birch is best used in it's natural color for cabinets, since it blotches more than sap wood when stained. The sap wood of the birch, often called white birch, is able to accept more different colors of stain well.

Pros and Cons of Birch Cabinets

The most often-cited pro of birch cabinets is its moderate cost compared to other hardwoods. Birch is a fine, closed-grained hardwood that is readily available, leading to a more reasonable cost to consumers. Birch usually has a uniform, strait grain, and can be stained to a wide variety of shades. Birch is an affordable choice that keeps a kitchen build or remodel affordable while stepping up the quality to a real hardwood rather than a laminate or composite material. Birch can be kept the natural, light color of the wood, or it can be stained a richer cinnamon, deep beige or even a light mahogany color while maintaining the great aesthetic of a hardwood. Because the grain of birch matches the grain of hardwoods such as maple and cherry, when birch cabinets are stained a darker color, they have the look of a more expensive wood.

The Cons of birch cabinets include the fact that they do not accept the darkest stains as well as other light woods such as maple. Another con of birch is that it is slightly rougher in texture and not quite as hard as woods like maple.

How Much Do Birch Wood Cabinets Cost?

Birch wood is approximately 25 to 75 percent cheaper than the finer hardwoods such as cherry. However, since the other costs such as labor, detailing, hardware and plywood are the same regardless of the wood used in the construction of the cabinets. Overall, expect to pay about the same for birch cabinets as you would for oak cabinets. The advantages of birch over oak are all the advantages of hardwood over softwood -- closed grain, easier and more uniform to stain, accepting multiple colors, more durable, and smoother. So for the price of a softwood, homeowners who purchase birch cabinets get a high-quality hardwood kitchen.

Where Can I Buy Birch Wood Cabinets Online?

Kitchen Cabinet Kings is a great place to order birch cabinets. Most of the door styles we offer are available in birch wood. In addition, we have birch cabinets in ten different styles: Honey, Cinnamon Glaze, Shakertown, Sienna Rope, Sandstone Rope, New Yorker, Wave Hill, Mocha Shaker, Savannah and Chestnut Pillow.

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