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6 Advantages of Using Natural Stone During a Shower Remodel


Your bathroom remodeling project may consist of multiple smaller projects that call for your utmost attention. In fact, when you contemplate how you would to redo your shower, you may consider whether or not to put in new walls and flooring in the shower stall itself. If you want a material that is rising in popularity and widely available now, you may be drawn toward natural stone. As you figure out whether or not natural stone is right for your shower remodeling project, you can make a sound decision by knowing some of the perks that come with this material.

Natural Stone Shower


While arguably a bit higher priced than some other choices, natural stone is now becoming more affordable for the average homeowner. Once a luxury material that came with a hefty price tag, this selection is so widely available now that its price has been greatly lowered. In fact, when you want to invest in a material that will last for years and give you a good return, you may find that natural stone suits this purpose.

Easy Installation

Natural stone is also easy to install and does not require that you necessarily hire a contractor for this job. In fact, if you can lay tile or brick for some simpler home remodeling projects, you can presumably install natural stone without any difficulty. Even more, because the stones could be different dimensions and sizes, you can creatively arrange them how you wish and not have to pay attention to uniformity as you would when laying brick or tile.

Energy Efficiency

Given its composition, natural stone proves to be very energy efficient. If you dislike cold and drafty showers, you can rest assured that the shower stall will remain warm and comfortable while you are in there. Likewise, after you finish your shower, the stone will contribute to the rest of the room’s energy efficiency. It will help retain heat in the winter and absorb the cool air conditioned air in the summer.


As no two stones are alike, you can enjoy having a bathroom that is unique and unlike any other when you choose natural stone. With all of the manufactured materials out there today, it is likely that many people have bathrooms that look similar. When you want a one-of-a-kind bathroom, you can get that wish when you choose this material.

Class and Elegance

Natural stone may not seem so glamorous at first glance; however, once you get it home and installed, you will notice that it adds a new level of classiness to your bathroom. With its rustic appeal, natural stone will give you a bathroom that could rival any found in leading spas and hotels.

Easy to Clean

When it comes down to it, however, natural stone’s ability to be easily cleaned could make this choice the best one for your family. If you are a busy parent who does not have time to scrub and scour bathroom surfaces, you will be pleased with how quickly natural stone can be cleaned. You can use most commercial cleaners and wipe away soap grime, spots, and other debris.

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