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7 Office Kitchens Guaranteed To Make You Jealous


How many hours do you work a week? Whether it’s 30 or 70, we can all agree that having a fresh, inspiring, and nurturing environment makes all the difference. Especially a clean, bright, and stocked kitchen! At the small girls empowerment nonprofit where I work, we definitely don’t have unlimited free snacks, candy bars, or beers in our office fridge like the workplaces below, but our walls are painted pink and lavender and we try our best to pitch in to keep the kitchen tidy and dishes washed. Having a great workplace kitchen also fosters a sense of community and if you’re lucky enough to have a cafeteria in yours, it makes for an excellent gathering place to break bread and develop ideas. A fro-yo machine is brain food, right?

Google first sparked attention to the office perks scene and is still a leader today in the amazing employee experience and benefits, including food, it offers. Below, find seven offices with creative, motivating, and beautiful kitchens.

1. Google (no explanation, Pittsburgh)

Kitchen in Google Pittsburgh
What makes us “ooh” and “ahh!”:

  • Kennywood-themed Potato Patch kitchen
  • Healthy drinks stored at eye-level, while sodas are hidden on bottom shelf
  • Mango slices in clear jars, candy bars in opaque ones
  • Potato photography as decor
  • Red as central theme

2. Betterment (financial services startup, Manhattan)

Kitchen in Betterment Manhattan
What we love:

  • Industrial metallic pendant lamps
  • Open shelving
  • Mix and match of wood and metal elements
  • Substantial and homey feeling island

3. World Kitchen (household products maker, Chicago)

Kitchen in World Kitchen Chicago
We’re tickled by:

  • The round bundt pans as decor (look closely!)
  • Tons of counter space
  • White refreshing subway tile backsplash
  • Pops of color – orange and green
  • Gorgeous natural light from floor to ceiling windows

4. Hayden Place (real estate, Chattanooga)

Kitchen in Hayden Place Chattanooga
What makes our jaws drop:

  • Stunning array of textures and materials
  • Bold yellow focal point
  • Fresh flowers!
  • Techy Nintendo Gameboy-esque backsplash
  • Ultra modern appliances

5. Axiom Law (law, Manhattan)

Kitchen in Axiom Law Manhattan
What we’re drooling over:

  • Cafe style seating and furniture
  • Greenery – amazing grass wall art
  • High lacquered orange cabinets and orange benches
  • Pendant track lighting
  • White wood floors

6. Airbnb (vacation rentals, San Francisco)

Kitchen in Airbnb San Francisco
What makes us tick:

  • Retro Smeg refrigerators
  • Cereal dispenser bar
  • Adorable homey feel – love the hanging pots and pans!
  • Colorful tile backsplash
  • Quirky fish on the walls

7. Google (no explanation, Tel Aviv)

Kitchen in Google Tel Aviv
Why we love it:

  • Abundance of fresh produce and fully stocked pantry and refrigerators
  • Adorable and rustic basket lights à la the farmer’s market
  • All natural wood elements
  • Colorful dishware in open shelving
  • Special beverage refrigerators

Do you work at an office with an awesome kitchen? Or would you incorporate any of these elements in your home kitchen? Share below!

(Photos via Pittsburgh Magazine, Home Polish, Chicago Business, NY Geek Cast, Design Milk, Custom Spaces, World of Archi)

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