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Bathroom Design Idea: Hardwood Floors


Add class, style and warmth to your new or remodeled bathroom by installing hardwood flooring. Wait, don’t just say “That’s crazy!” and throw the idea out entirely. You may not know it, but new finishes and designs in hardwood flooring are successfully bringing wood into the bathroom.

Polyurethane Coatings

For bathrooms with adequate vents and good air flow, using a hardwood floor with an extra-hard polyurethane top coat will keep a bathroom floor smooth and buckle free for years. Ask for extra-hard, damp resistant coatings and you’ll get thicker finishes with added plasticizers, synthetic resins and various kinds of film-fighting elements to form a water-tight seal over the wood. These modern finishes will expand and contract flexibly with the wood floor as it gets warmer and damper and then cools and dries.

Wood Type

Another important factor to consider is the type of wood you choose for your bathroom floor. As you choose a wood remember that the harder the wood is the less likely it is to absorb humidity in the air. A bathroom floor that resists absorbing humidity is less likely to warp or have the finish bubble under the damp conditions found in a bathroom. While flooring specialists can give you more specifics, some popular softwoods to avoid include most conifers such as white pine, Ponderosa pine and Douglas fir. Instead, choose the hardest woods for flooring such as hickory, ash, maple and cherry.

Floor Care

Even with a great hardwood and an excellent finish, hardwood floors in bathrooms do require a little extra maintenance. Spills on the wood floors should be wiped up quickly so the water doesn’t sink into the cracks between the wood strips. Some homeowners install an edge of tile around the tub, toilet and shower while using wood on the rest of the floor. This offers the warmth of hardwood in the majority of the bathroom space while allowing the homeowner to avoid the panic of trying to follow up immediately on any spill or overflow.

Live in Style

Harwood floors have long been a favorite choice of homeowners because of the physical warmth of the material as well as its attractive style and adaptability for every other room in the house. Now advances in finishes and styling make hardwood a viable choice for the bathroom as well.

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