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Remodeling Trend Alert: Colored Tile Grout


Colored grout is becoming more and more of a trend. It’s a great way to keep your budget low by making plain and simple tiles stand out with a pop of color. With so many options available, it’s an easy way to brighten up your home. Below are some of our favorite uses of colored grout.


Pink wall tile, red grout
It’s hard not to fall in love with this combination of pink and red. Red grout is a bold choice, but its aggressive nature is softened by light, powder pink. It lends a sweet aesthetic, while maintaining sophistication.


Light colored, large tile, gold grout
These marble tiles outlined with gold create a wonderfully striking union. We see here that even just a small touch of gold brings style and refinement to the space.


White tile with yellow grout
This sunny bathroom is sure to lift your spirits. The use of yellow grout on the floor and wall brings the room to life in a very radiant way. Yellow is an especially useful color when your bathroom is lacking in natural light. The combination of yellow grout and white tile will certainly open up your space.


Dark grey tile, blue grout
More often than not, we see colored grout paired with lighter shades, most commonly white. This combination offers a non-traditional appeal that can give your room an edgy, modern vibe.


Twelve tile pink backsplash with blue grout
How beautifully simple is this twelve tile backsplash? It may be small, but brings a lot of personality to the room.


Small, white hexagonal tiles, bright green grout
Why not get wild with lime green grout? A color this bold in contrast with small, light colored tiles will make any walls, shower, or backsplash truly stand out.


Half wall of blue tile with blue grout
Blue on blue provides an excellent, soothing scene. Rich blue tiles with a lighter shade of grout create a deep-sea feeling that is sure to bring peace to your bathroom.


Black stones with glitter grout
Two words: glitter grout. This may sound crazy at first, but can actually offer a natural look paired with stones such as these. This particular example mimics glittering flecks of gold in river sand.

Which use of colored grout is your favorite?

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