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5 Easy Ways To Make Space In Your Tiny Kitchen


Are you racing against the clock every morning? Does disorganization prevent you from getting out the door when you’re ten minutes late for work? Do you find it difficult to move swiftly and efficiently through your kitchen without knocking over a tower of precariously placed dishes? Time to put an end to this unnecessary stress! Follow these simple principles to maximize space in your kitchen.


F;oating wood shelves above white tile backsplash

This is the MOST important step people. It is an absolute must to rid your cabinets and drawers of junk that’s only getting in your way. Are you actually going to bust out that pasta maker you bought yourself for christmas four years ago? Do you seriously think you’re going to order enough take-out to use up the endless supply of sauce packets in your cutlery drawer? Don’t kid yourself. No matter how big or small, if you haven’t used it in the past six months it needs to go. Finish discarding from top to bottom before you start purchasing organizational items.

Proper Containers

Dried goods in glass jars with white hand written labels

It’s almost impossible to keep pantry stock tidy when you’re dealing with torn packaging and bulk bags. Stock up on glass jars and air tight containers for storing dried goods (stackable containers are a plus). This helps you keep track of inventory while also keeping food fresh.

Make Most Frequently Used Items Easily Accessible

Wire rack with kitchen supply and fern against white wall

If you’re constantly reaching and rummaging for items you use on a daily basis you’re doing something wrong. Keep your most valued players up front and center. This goes for dishes, food, and anything else you use frequently. If your cabinets don’t offer enough space for optimum organization, a tall wire rack can be very useful.

Keep Surfaces Clear

Kitchen tools on hanging bar against black wall

When you live in a pocket sized apartment it’s important to make use of every nook and cranny. To use your limited space wisely you need to think outside the box, horizontal-ly and vertically. Hang anything that has the potential to hang. Supply yourself with tools and appliances that give you the ability to use your ceilings and walls as storage; floating fruit basket, magnetic knife strip, wall mounting bars/racks, etc. Keeping sur-faces clear helps to create a stress-free environment for cooking and dining.

Add A Little Love

Hanging and standing potted plants in kitchen

Okay, this one may not exactly be a space-saving technique, but once your kitchen is organized and free of clutter why not have fun with it? Add a few plants to your window sill, or perhaps some tea lights to bring a poetic edge to the room. Take pleasure in find-ing trendy, inexpensive do-it-yourself projects that complement your space and make it your own!
What are your tips for surviving a small kitchen?

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