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Paint Your Kitchen Cabinets in 6 Easy Steps


Before & After Painting Kitchen Cabinets
If your kitchen cabinets have seen better days or you are simply itching for a change, painting your cabinetry can be a great way to give your kitchen a breath of fresh air. If you’ve painted your walls before and assume that the same rules apply here, make sure to read up on this step-by-step guide before you rush out to buy all the tools and supplies needed. When it comes to cabinets, the woodwork is often coated with a glossy finish that can make it difficult for paint to adhere to it properly. Luckily, with the right preparation, you can end up with a finished product that lasts and looks beautiful at the same time. Read on to learn more!

Step One

First things first, you have to take all the hinges and hardware off your cabinets and clean the surface you plan on painting. Since kitchen cabinets tend to get greasy rather quickly, make sure to really scrub thoroughly to get waxy build-up, grime, and oils off before you move forward. By taking the time to clean every inch of your cabinets, you will have better odds when it comes to the finished product. Paint won’t apply evenly on a dirty surface, so it’s crucial to create the best possible foundation first.

Step Two

Once you’re done removing the necessary parts and cleaning all the surfaces, you will need to gently sand the area and do a careful check for any denting or grooves in the wood. After the inspection, clean the dust off from the sanding and use a wood filler to even out any pits in the material so you can have an even paint job.

Step Three

Here’s another crucial step for painting wood cabinets: priming. As we mentioned above, most cabinetry is coated with a glossy finish to make it easy to clean, visually appealing, and unfortunately, difficult to paint over. Avoid complications by applying a stain-preventing primer specifically made for glossy wood surfaces.

Step Four

Now comes the fun part: painting the cabinets! Start out with one coat, and take your time making sure the paint has completely dried. Next, gently sand the surface, and then paint the second and final coat.

Step Five

Make sure to wait as long as possible before putting your cabinets back together. When the paint is completely dry, re-attach the hinges, knobs, and other hardware.

Step Six

Sit back and enjoy your newly painted, beautiful cabinets!

While at first glance, it may seem intimidating to paint kitchen cabinets for the first time, by following a step-by-step guide and having plenty of patience, this is one DIY project that won’t require loads of money and effort to complete. If you’d like to learn more about designing your kitchen and making the most of your kitchen, simply fill out this design form and our staff will reach out to help you in no time! We look forward to helping you create the kitchen of your dreams with just a few simple steps.

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Kitchen Cabinets are main material which play important role to enhance the kitchen look and wonderful tips to paint the kitchen cabinets. These steps are really helpful to paint kitchen cabinets in well manner and give attractive look to kitchen.


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