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The Best Household Plants for the Bathroom


Plants are a gorgeous addition to your home, but you don’t have to limit yourself to only keeping houseplants in the main area of your living space. While it might not be the first room that you think of for decorating with houseplants, they are a great way to turn your home’s bathroom into a spa-like, natural setting.
However, the bathroom has unique characteristics that you have to take into account before settling on a type of plant right for your space. Specifically, you will need to consider:

  • Natural Lighting: All plants need light to survive, although some need less than others. If you have large windows in the bathroom, that is ideal for many types of plants, while spaces that lack ample natural light would require low-light plants or a change in the light bulbs used in the room.
  • Temperature: In general, most homes maintain a fairly consistent temperature, but the bathroom quickly becomes hot and humid when someone is using the shower or tub. Fortunately, this can create an ideal environment for plants that thrive in tropical environments!
  • Interior Space: Many homes have bathrooms that are on the smaller side, so space is a big consideration when adding plants to this room of the house. Creativity can go a long way in housing plants in the bathroom, so consider adding shelving, window-ledge planters, or suspended plants to maximize space.

Top Picks for Bathroom-Friendly Plants

Once you’ve determined where you want to put your plants and the type of environment that you will have for them with the layout, lighting, and temperature of your bathroom, now it is time to pick the plant that you want! There are several different plant species that are both extremely hardy and low-light/high-humidity viable, and some of our top picks include:


Philodendrons are tropical, indoor plants that require minimal care to look great inside the bathroom of your home. This plant species prefers medium light intensity, and leaves may yellow if there is too much sun—making it a great choice for bathrooms without a lot of natural light. You can also find these plants in climbing varieties, which is perfect for creating a jungle-like feel in your home bathroom.

Zanzibar Gems

Zanzibar gem plants, also called ZZ plants or “eternity plants”, are extremely low-maintenance and will keep on surviving even if you forget about them for a while. In fact, they only require minimal watering in the summer and virtually no care in the winter! ZZ plants have the ability to grow in a wide humidity range and prefer low-light conditions, and their oval-shaped, glossy foliage can ramp-up the feeling of natural beauty and freshness in the bathroom.

Cast Iron Plants

If you’ve always struggled with keeping plants looking healthy in the home, this is the plant for you! Cast iron plants are practically indestructible, and they have the ability to survive (and even thrive!) in low light, extreme heat, and with infrequent watering. For best results with this plant, keep it between 50-85 degrees and allow it to dry out before re-watering.

Varieties of Fern

When you think about walking through a lush, humid forest, ferns are one of the first plants that probably come to mind—for good reason! There are several varieties of ferns that work beautifully in the bathroom environment and add to a rich, natural décor. Try Bird’s Nest, Staghorn, Asparagus, and Boston ferns to make your bathroom a stunning retreat.

There are countless ways to make your bathroom stand-out, and creating a warm, relaxing, and beautiful space can turn this frequently used room into one of your favorite places in the house! Plants are a fantastic way to add style and unique accents to nearly any type of décor, and with a bit of research into the plants that would work best in your space, you can enjoy years of spa-like bathing—without ever leaving your home!

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